Utilizing the latest in data collection and CAD technology.

Mortgage Reports

Mortgage Reports are used by lenders as a reasonable assurance that there will not be any survey-related issues that will adversely affect their loan.  Mortgage Reports show the general locations of structures and major improvements on the property, but do not include property corner/line staking. Please refer to our rate map for service area and prices.  Click here to use our on-line order form.

Location Sketches

Location Sketches are similar to Mortgage Reports except they are not intended for mortgage purposes.  Location Sketches are often used for site planning purposes.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Title Surveys

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are used for commercial loans based on a standard jointly adopted by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. There have been several revisions to the standards over the years, but all ALTA surveys include a drawing of the boundary survey and easements affecting the property, and may include any of several optional items from Table A of the ALTA Standards. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys are used for a variety of purposes and may or may not include location of buildings and improvements.  A Boundary Survey is needed when it is necessary to determine the exact extent of a property boundary.  They are often used for the construction of fences, building additions, driveways, landscaping, or peace of mind.  If there is a dispute between property owners, a boundary survey is usually the first step in resolving the conflict.  We perform boundary surveys for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Land Divisions /
Parcel Splits

The division of land is regulated by state and local law. Based mainly on the size of the Parent Parcel, The Land Division Act allows for a pre-determined number of splits before it becomes necessary to prepare a Plat or Site Condominium. Your local City/Township assessor is charged with enforcing the provisions of the land division act and local zoning ordinances. As part of the process, most municipalities will have a Land Division procedure and it will be necessary to consult with a land surveyor to prepare the drawings and legal descriptions. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Site Condominiums

Crane Land Surveying has been involved with many successful land division projects. From concept to finish, we can assist you with the land development process. Please contact us details.

Topographic Maps

Topographic maps are generally prepared for Engineers or Architects prior to design and construction of new improvements. Crane Land Surveying is equipped with the latest in data collection technology. Our maps are prepared using the latest Autodesk Land Desktop Software and we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a quality product drawn to your CAD standards. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Construction Layout

Land Surveyors are the experts when it comes to measuring and mapping, whether its translating the real world to paper or the paper back to the real world. We have the experience to assist you in your project. Typical construction staking we provide includes, residential homes, subdivisions, commercial & industrial buildings, utilities, ponds, roads, parking lots, etc. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

As-Built Maps

As-built maps are generally used as part of the completion of the construction process by owners or government entities to assure that a project was built to the planned specifications. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Paying for Flood Insurance?  If any part of your property lies in a Special Flood Hazard Area as determined by FEMA on their Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) or similar source, a lender must, by law, require flood insurance on the structures.   An Elevation Certificate is used by FEMA, Lenders, & Flood Insurance Companies to do a more detailed evaluation of the flood risk than what can be done through the FIRM alone. 

The floodplain is determined by a ground elevation, and the limits are approximately located on the FIRMs. Due to the costs that would be involved for the creation and upkeep of detailed mapping, the FIRMs are conservative and often property and/or structures are shown in the floodplain when they really are not. Fortunately, FEMA does have a process for removing these properties and structures. CLS has successfully submitted applications to remove many structures around Goguac, Beadle, Gull, Fine, Lyon, and many other area lakes, rivers, streams, and drains. Please contact us for pricing and further information.